MOTiSS Evaluation Introductory Course


Course Curriculum

This course introduces participants to the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework developed by Kenyatha V. Loftis, Ph.D. (Course Instructor) and Rosalyn R. Loftis, co- founders of Solutions by L.SMURPHE.F.  It describes the need for and contributions of the framework, and the course equips participants with the tools to utilize the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework in their organizations.

What’s included?

  • Welcome video: Traumas, Disasters, and Distresses, Oh My!  (free)
  • Identifying the Challenges Self Interview  (free)
  • An Evaluation Framework for Troubling Times: MOTiSS (free)
  • Using the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework in Your Organization: The Trauma Mitigation Toolkit  ($)
  • Offer for Technology-Based Guided Support to Complete a MOTiSS Evaluation  (free)
  • Invitation to Engage in Collaborative Partnership through Consulting Services  (free)


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