The MOTiSS Evaluation Framework


Kenyatha V. Loftis, Ph.D. & Rosalyn R. Loftis — Solutions by L.SMURPHE.F

In the midst of trauma and disruption, it is tempting to take cover and wait until the storm passes over, but now is the time to do the smart work that will sustain your organization.

The Evaluation Framework for Multiple and Overlapping Traumas in Symbiotic Systems (or MOTiSS Evaluation Framework) helps organizational leaders and planners to systematically document, strategize, and restructure how their organizations engage with their communities when facing community-wide traumas, disasters, and distresses.

The MOTiSS Evaluation Framework is the first tool of its kind to address the impact of multiple and overlapping traumatic occurrences on program implementation and organizational response.

Using the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework will help leaders and planners to synergize across an organization’s strengths, resources, and vulnerabilities in empowering ways.

Wow oh wow! What an incredible set of materials! I am not joking around when I say that lots of city officials and non-profits could really benefit from your frameworks and tools.
Professor & Frequent Nonprofit Board Member

Start strategizing with the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework today

Read the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework on your own.  Click here to download it from the LSF 2012 online bookstore.

***Coming Soon*** Learn online with strategic support from the Solutions by L.SMURPHE.F consulting team. If you want to get a head start while waiting for the Interactive Trauma Mitigation Toolkit to launch, follow the learning path provided at the L.SMURPHE.F Institute. Click here to receive notifications when the online course launches.

Apply the MOTiSS Evaluation Framework to your organization quickly and efficiently by partnering with the Solutions by L.SMURPHE.F consulting team. Email or call (713) 893-7836 to get started.

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