Kenyatha V. Loftis, Ph.D.

Consultant. Creative. Visionary.

I speak ~ sing ~ write ~ think ~ dream ~ build ~ make.

I am a transdisciplinary social practice artist developing something new from threads of social science research, education, and the arts. 
I weave together formal and informal learning about politics, public policy, education, identity, and trauma, disaster, & distress. 
Integrating facilitated group critical thinking, data collection & analysis, music, literature, and craft, I create tools for communal sharing, reflection, and transformation. 
The culminating productions are interactive “moments” in which multi-generational, multi-interest, and/or multicultural audiences explore, embrace, and execute their visions of excellence.

Offering a Visionary Integration of
Social Science, Informal Education & The Arts


Program Evaluation; Public Policy Analysis; Data Collection, Processing & Analysis; Organizational Policy & Practice Alignment/Strategic Alignment;  Cultural Competency; Program Implementation Support; Program Design; Book Development & Writing Services


Collaborative artistic moments that facilitate personal, relational, and social transformation


Formal and Informal Education (Pre-Kindergarden through Post-Collegiate Professional Development); Social Justice and Equity; Race & Ethnicity; The Lives of Women; Christian Theology; Hierarchical/Multilevel Models of Social Engagement, Development, & Analysis

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