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Ms. Charla of Carter House (Breba Edition)


You can’t run from yesterday’s storms today …

Ms. Charla has some decisions to make.  She has two men vying for her heart and a business on the verge of collapse in the middle of a global crisis.  Garrison, the dealmaker, offers Charla the familiarity of previous success and the stability she desires—but she is always reminded of why she left him at the altar.  Mitchell, the veterinarian, supports Charla’s dreams while cherishing her heart and her fur babies– but Charla fears that he is accompanying her down a dead-end road.

The challenges to business success are unrelenting.  Every time momentum from a setback increases, new troubles emerge that slow down progress and threaten to take the business off course. Charla’s failed engagement.  Hurricane Ike.  The death of Charla’s father.  And now, a pandemic.  Sure, this storm is not that storm.  But how can Charla spin her present into a future when yesterday’s disasters linger?

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Dimensions 24 × 36 × 2 cm


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