Trauma Mitigation Toolkit


The Evaluation Framework for Multiple and Overlapping Traumas in Symbiotic Systems (or MOTiSS Evaluation Framework) helps organizational leaders and planners to systematically document, strategize, and restructure how their organizations engage with their communities when facing community-wide traumas, disasters, and distresses.

The MOTiSS Evaluation Framework is the first tool of its kind to address the impact of multiple and overlapping traumatic occurrences on program implementation and organizational response.  It was designed to acknowledge, document, and measure the impact of trauma, disaster, and distress on the implementation of programs and program outcomes by bringing to the surface traditionally embedded institutional components of program design for examination, reflection, and interrogation.  The Trauma Mitigation Toolkit includes worksheets to facilitate completion of the tables described in the MOTiSS evaluation framework as well as a set of sample documents that can be customized to reflect the fluctuating needs of your organization. 

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