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Destacado’s Dog


Meet Destacado Kofa!
Creation Date: Summer 2021.  Series: Infinity Kofas.  Named by: Jett.
What’s cool?  Destacado Kofa has a dog!  Read about how Destacado shows love for the dog in Destacado’s Dog.
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 2 cm

1 review for Destacado’s Dog

  1. K. Ellie Mae

    Question 1. Do you think that kids will like the story?
    Reviewer A: I think kids will love this book.
    Reviewer B: I think the kids will think it’s fun and lovely.
    Question 2. Do you think that kids will like the pictures?
    Reviewer A: Yes because they are really creative.
    Reviewer B: I think the pictures are creative and fun.
    Question 3. Will this book be helpful for you with your new dog?
    Reviewer A: OF COURSE! She is getting really hard to take care of and this will help us a lot.
    Reviewer B: I feel the book will be calming to her.
    Question 4. What would you like to see in the next book like this?
    Reviewer A: Yes this book looks interesting I can’t wait to read it.
    Reviewer B: Wow this book is more amazing than I thought 😍

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